Thank you to everyone who has been (and who continues to be) willing to share their stories so that others DO NOT suffer in silence! Your shared stories are becoming the blueprints that others build their recoveries on!

I am looking for volunteers willing to share their stories on the Sweet Sobriety YouTube channel in an effort to decrease stigma and increase awareness around Food Addiction. Day 1 or Day 1001 - we want to hear your story! If you are interested, please consider scheduling an interview!

Dr. Jen Unwin

Dr. Jen Unwin shares her personal and professional journey with sugar/food addiction.

Florence Christophers

Florence shares her story and her best hopes for the future of sugar/food addiction treatment.


Liam shares his personal story. We don't get a lot of men so it was very refreshing to hear another perspective!


Justine shares her personal story! A mom, a student, other diagnoses too! Justine is so real!

Bethany Mazereeuw

Our very own Bethany shares her story of what it has been like on her healing journey! Check it out here!


Annemarie is a single mother of adult children. Hear how she survived and is now thriving!


Kelli is a two-hatter, mom, and so much more! Hear how she has worked to heal herself from a holistic perspective!


Susie is one heck of a woman! It's so hard not to love her honesty and integrity when it comes to her healing journey


Nicole is so very courageous for sharing her story! I truly believe others will be inspired to share theirs too!


Marla's healing journey has been a rollercoaster - but aren't they all?!?! She is raw and real giving us an update!


Ira tells it like it is and I am so here for it! Her story is so relatable and I hope you think so too!

Alisha Mattheis

My friend Alisha shares her story and how she uses oils to help support her healing journey!

Jayn Steele

Jayn is a two-hatter who has been very honest about her history, present, and what her future may hold! Thank you, Jayn!


Charity is a wife, mother, and very spiritual being who is on a recovery journey that we can all see ourselves on!


CJ is a wife, mother, and spiritual woman who has been with SS for a while! Hear what she has to say!


Angela shares her story of living with chronic illness and finding her way into recovery from food addiction.


Laura shares her incredible story and teaches us about IFS.


A working mom finding her way through recovery! I think we can all find something we relate to in Sarah's story!!


Thank you, Cris for being willing to share your story with us!


Daryl gets real and has some realizations!


This disorder does not discriminate! Shelley shares her story!