The Invisible Power Within- Homestudy

Subconscious Drivers Behind Addiction

Course Summary

                                                                       The Invisible Power Within: Subconscious Drivers Behind Addiction

EmpowerMind: Harnessing the Power of the Subconscious Mind  

Part one focuses on the first rule of the mind - the mind always acts on what it believes to be true. Every thought and word creates a blueprint for what the mind thinks we should do. Learn how empowering the subconscious mind with positive beliefs and auto-suggestions, individuals can overcome addiction and take control of their lives. Work through the understanding of how the subconscious mind wants to help you and learn to harness your power to change what it believes to be true.    

RiseAbove: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Habits  

The second rule of the mind is that it cannot distinguish between reality and imagination. This section explores your personal limiting beliefs and helps individuals rise above those beliefs and habits by guiding them to focus on positive outcomes and reframe negative thoughts. Understanding how you can utilise visualisation in a powerful way to help with triggers and cravings.    

Triumph: Achieving Success in Life and in Recovery  

The third rule of the mind is that it responds to repetition and emotion. Part three helps individuals achieve success in recovery and in life by using positive affirmations and understanding how to charge and uncharge emotions to rewire the brain for success. Our live session will be focused on creating more powerful affirmations and set the foundation for unlocking your inner invisible power.  

BreakThrough: Breaking Free from Addiction and Negative Patterns    

The fourth rule of the mind is that it seeks pleasure and avoids pain. Part four helps individuals break free from addiction and negative patterns by rewiring the brain to associate pleasure with positive habits and healthy behaviours. This is also a point of reflection to ensure your subconscious mind understands what you really want and letting go of what it’s wanted in the past.    

Unleashed Potential: Unlocking Your Full Potential  

The fifth rule of the mind is that it cannot hold conflicting beliefs. Conflicting beliefs create internal turmoil, self sabotage and a sense of the wheels turning but no forward movement. The final part of the workshop helps individuals unlock their full potential by understanding areas of push and pull from their mind and body. What directions are you giving yourself that may unknowingly go against other beliefs and how will this free you to overcome cravings and triggers with more ease?

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