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COMING SOON- Sweet Sobriety Foundations

11 Foundational Modules to kick start or reinvigorate your recovery

You are personally invited to our pre-launch of Sweet Sobriety coming to you December 2022!!!

We are so excited to bring you 11 Foundational Sugar & Food Addiction Treatment Modules to kickstart or reinvigorate your recovery journey.

Our research indicates that our clients had a significant increase in mental well-being and a significant DECREASE in Sugar & Food addiction symptoms after taking this course.

Want to know and better understand the severity of Sugar & Food Addiction you experience? Start with our Introduction Module on the MYFAS 2.0. Be sure to email us with any questions.

Here are the modules that many have found so beneficial:

Module 1: Understanding Ultra-Processed Food Addiction and Introducing Mindful Eating
Module 2: Abstinence and Withdrawal
Module 3: Craving and Recovery Management
Module 4: Cross-Addiction
Module 5: Hope and Resilience
Module 6: Distress Intolerance - Addressing Thoughts and Feelings
Module 7: Stress Management
Module 8: Emotional Eating
Module 9: Building Self-Compassion
Module 10: Moving Toward Body Neutrality
Module 11: Spirituality

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